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Please This for Our Guild we need Supplies PM me if you help me ty~ our guild will appriciate your kindness~ <3

posted Sep 21, 2011 17:37:27 by Ganzo!!!
Please hunt/farm some supplies. Good Luck & Thank you

TIP: A simple way to farm, is to make a HW, and use @ali item#(ie @ali 662) (can use @ali for 3/Three items at a time only). When you become overweight use "@storage"


Self Buff Scroll :
U just need Gold Coin or Silver Coins that can be get/found frm Invasions or frm guild sal or u can buy them :>

Assumptio Scroll , Blessing Scroll, Increase Agility Scroll, Wind Walk, Amplify Magic Power Scroll and many more
Coin Exchanger Warp : lighthalzen 206 258

Heal/Bolt Scrolls can be found at @go 25(right side) or @ turbo_room 134 90

Prof&Converter materials

(904) Scorpion Tail (Fire) @warp moc_fild20

(947) Horn (Earth) and (1013) Rainbow Shell (Wind) @warp mjolnir_06

(946) Snail's Shell (Ice) @ gef_fild09

(1025) Cobweb @ gld_dun02 or same place with aloevera(mjolnir_03)

(991) Crystal Blue @ ice_dun01/02

(993) Green Live @ mjolnir_03 / moc_fild11/16/17

(992) Wind of Verdure @ yuno_fild08

Supplies for Breakers/SinX/Everyone else.

(12034) Box of Panting farming at Orc Hero/Lord MVP room with Orc Archer Card.

(12030) Box of Resentment using Raydric Archer Card from Demon types ie. @ gld_dun04 or gefenia01 or any level or Same place as Badges .

(12032) Box of Storm using Stem Worm Card from Brute types ie. @ in_sphinx4 or moc_pryd05 or pvp_n_8-2 from (Eddga, Moonlight Flower, bigfoot)

(606) Aloevera from Petite @ hu_fild07/ @ mjolnir_03

(662) Badges @warp pay_dun03

(678) Poison Bottle from Eremes / Eremes Guile @ lhz_dun03

(12020) Cursed Water from False Angel @ gefenia01 or Any Level

(12354) Buche De Noel ( from any monster just wear/use snowman hat )
I been here 2000 test sever 2003 real server been into elite Guild arch heaven,Descent,academy,fallen,resonance,legion of doom,asian mafia,thugs,
& 2011 move to fallen 5 months then move to loading & new guild name fury but i have my owned guild name black knight legion Guild im the 3rd Founder Name Lindow <3 :D
Thats me sayunaras minass!
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2 replies
Ivenosky said Sep 22, 2011 04:11:12
ill help on farming aloe and bops
"my pride shattered along with my shame"
Seed said Sep 22, 2011 06:41:13
i'll farm whatever i can get :D
"For the first time Imma listen, to what my heart is telling me, no more tripping"
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