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Paladin Guide

posted Sep 21, 2011 18:24:19 by Ganzo!!!
Sections :
Section 1.0 - Stats
1.1- Hybrid Build stats
1.2- Tanking Build stats
1.3- Offensive Build stats
1.4- Perfect Dodge Build stats

Section 2.0 - Equipments
2.1- Headgears
2.2- Armors
2.3- Weapons
2.4- Shields
2.5- Garments
2.6- Footgears
2.7- Accessories
2.8- Consumables

Section 3.0 - Skills
3.1- How to basically use a Paladin

Section 4.0 - Strategies
4.1- Against other Classes
4.2- Against your own nemesis - Another Paladin
4.3- Other Classes against a Paladin - Getting the Advantages (Lumi's PoV)
4.4- Paladins on the Defense
4.5- Paladins on the Offense/Attacking
Section 1.0 - Stats

1.1 - Hybrid Build

STR- 410+10
AGI- 168+9
VIT- 108+12
INT- 340+10
DEX- 262+8
LUK- 297+3

Note : This is a hybrid build. Play around with your stats until you find one that you think is good for you.
You could play around with your str/dex/int/vit.
you could increase your dex and reduce your luck.
or reduce/increase your vit and reduce/increase your dex.
TIP: Try and get all ur stat points to be rounded up to the nearest ten.
Reason : You'd hit bonuses for str (not int though.)

Pros : You can rely on Magic and your offensive skills at the same time, thus opening up more ways to deal decent damage.
Cons : It will be quite hard since you really can't deal much damage and there's a lot of switching of headgears needed to be able to make use of all your stats.

For Pure Tanking WOE Builds, you might wanna reduce your str and max your Int.
You'll be dealing a little bit lesser damage, but your heal will be increased to about 18~19k(at the most). The rest is pretty much the same.

1.2 - All Tanking Build:

STR: Remaining
AGI: Enough for 197 aspd
VIT: 110~350 (If you wanna try on the EX Side Hat build)
INT: 450
DEX: 195 after bonus
LUK: 297

Pros : This build is meant for tanking. You can tank almost anything with this build easily with the Retribution Wings available.

Cons : You may be dealing s***ty damage thus holy cross/shield chain/bash wouldn't be as good but the 450 int may be put to good use if you know how to use it to your advantage. Hint* : EX Pika + NX Sage Ring Auto spell combo / Bolt Scrolls.

1.3 - Offensive Build:

Now for the build that i'm currently using (since 450 stat caps kinda fks hybrid build's offensive side by a lot)

STR: 450 +11
AGI: 135 +10
VIT: 65 +15
INT: 193 +10
DEX: 370+10
LUK: 296 +5

Pros : This build will make you deal 10~15K (x2) Holy crosses, 8~10K Shield Chains, 15~20k Bashes (With the right equips of course). The stats is like of an LK, only a slower, fatter, defensive one.

Cons : You will have around 13~14k heals with 3 bacsojins. SP will burn much faster. You'd need assumptio to tank some high damaging skills. You can't rely on magic since it will deal shitty damage with just 200++ int.

Section 1.4 - Perfect Dodge Build
STR- Rest of your stats in here
AGI- Till you reach 197 aspd
VIT- 80~120
INT- 300-350
DEX- 200
LUK- 450

Pros : This is a very good and effective build against melee classes (Especially Melee Sinx since this will prove them useless and they have to resort to SB or SBK, which would not deal much damage if you know how to tank.

Cons : You can't deal alot of damage here. You'll be relying on a Fortune Sword to get at the most 96 PD (without VRs and Clip[2] with Yoyo's in it though)

Section 2 - Equips

And the amount of extra equips you should ahve to deal with almost any situations in PVP/WOE.

2.1 - Headgears:
Recommended -
[Upper] - EX Band Aid
[Middle] - EX 3D Glasses
[Lower] - EX Retribution/Incubus Wings

Alternatives -
Alice Doll[1]
EX Angel Ripper [1]
EX Black Dark Helm [1]
EX Pika Ears[1] (this headgear is recommended for an alternative way to deal damage if your opponent has alot of his neutral redux on),
NX Sage Ring(If you have an EX Pika ears with you. I'll explain why later)
EX Sade Hat [1]
EX White Butterfly Wings[1]
EX Angeling Wings[1]
EX Deviling Wings [1]
EX Medical Eyepatch [1]
EX Hells Glasses [1]
Dark Blinder [1]
Cards -
Bacsojin Card [Recommended]
Archangeling Card
Pharoah Card
Dark Illusion Card [If]
High Wizard Card
Maya Purple Card

Why NX Sage Ring? [For]
So, WHY NX SAGE RING YOU ASK? If you notice, NX Sage Ring lets you use lvl 4 Auto Spell. Yes, lvl 4 Auto Spell to anybody who can equip a NX Sage Ring on them. Combine this with your EX Pika Ears, you can you the lvl 4 Auto Spell with the Lightning Bolt skill that you have. So, if you go melee (with an endowed dispel pike), you can deal endowed melee damage, dispel, lightning bolt (with auto spell, the auto-casting of lightning bolt is hella fast) and even strip armor if you have a WIkibine Tres card in your accessory. NOTE: Gospel cancels the Auto Spell skill. You can pretty much switch to you're normal lower headgear back (since you will need the bacsos) after using the Auto spell skill since its still activated. THIS IS JUST A SUGGESTION/METHOD. Feel free to try it and rate how effective it is yourself.

Note: The above method is only good for hybrid/high int builds. Not a good combo for pure offensive-build Paladins.

2.2 - Armors:
Glittering Jacket (MDEF +5)
Silk Robe (MDEF + 10)
Valk Armor (Indestructible)

Cards -
Tao Gunka (Main Armor card)
Angeling (Nullifies Holy Light and The Grand Cross effect of killing you)
Orc Lord (Mainly for PVP, unless if you're really poor in getting those 2 cards that i mentioned.)

You can also use elemental cards like -
Dokebi etc.

2.3 - Shields:
+9/10 Stone Buckler (an all rounder shield)
+9/10 Strong Shield (max damage since its the most heaviest shield)
+_ Valk Shield.
+_ Sacred Mission [1] (Indestructible)

Cards -
Horn (35% range redux)
Thara Frog (30% redux against Demi-human monsters)
GTB (80 or 90% redux against all magic attacks)
Maya (50% reflect against targetted magic attacks)

You might go for a Cranial Valk Shield for WOE since it has the elemental redux.
Strong Shield is a bad choice for WOE, since you dont need the "you cant be knock back but you'll take 20% more gay damage" effect.

2.4 - Weapons:
+10 Pike [4]
+10 Orcish Axe [4] (Lower chances of breaking)
+10 Mace [4] (Never Breaks)

Since you're using my build, you need 1~2phreeonis slotted in your weapon since ur hit is pretty much low.
Card Combos -
2 Phree/2TGs or 2 Phree/1TG/1Hydra
2 Phree/1 Thana/1 TG or 2 phree/1 Incan/1 TG
2 Phree/1 Thana/1 Valk (Use this combo with a Pike)
2 TG/2 Hydra (For low flee, normal vit users)
1 Stormy Knight/1 Hydra / 2 Phreeonis (For those low luck players, Combine this with an EX Pika+NX Sage combo and it will deal a decent amount of damage)

Those weapon above, they're for the hybrid builds. For full offensive paladins, you can skip the phreeonis and subsitute it with TGs/Hydras.
1 Thana/1 Hydra/1 TG/1 Valk Randgris(This should be your main weapon)
1 Thana/2 Hydra/1 TG(If you can't afford a Valk Randgris)
1 Incantation Samurai/2 Hydra/1TG(This is really the best for shield chain damages)

Slotting in a Metaling card in your pike would be a good idea too. You can also get an SK card and go melee, just to irritate the enemy and distract them just to give you time to heal. Im not spoonfeeding you guys, so please know which card combos to go in which weapons OR AT LEAST try out.

Alternatives -
Fortune Sword (Perfect Dodge+20, Luck +5)
Combat Knife (10% Demi human reduction)

2.5 - Garment:
+9/+10Wool Scarf (use this with the Tidal shoes combo)
+4~7 Valk Manteau (more reflect damage, mainly used for PVP)

Noxious Card (Mainly used since it reduces 10% ranged damage)
Raydric Card (Not Recommended though)
Deviling Card (Sac/Asura/Acid Demo Reducer)
Assassin Cross Card (Useful to get out of "tight" situations)

Or Elemental reduction garments (Good against Profs, High Wizards) :-

Jakk Card (30% reduction against Fire Elemental Damage)
Hode Card (30% reduction against Earth Elemental Damage)
Dustiness Card (30% reduction against Wind Elemental Damage)
Marse Card (30% reduction against Water Elemental Damage)
Choco Card (Perfect Dodge + 5, Flee + 10, Good for PD builds)

2.6 - Footgears:
+9/10 Tidal Shoes (Recommended with the Wool Scarf Combo)
Variant Shoes (If you need the HP more then a slot in your shoes/Switched to a Valk Manteau etc.)

Antique Firelock (with +9 Tidals)
Amon Ra (Stats +1, Kyrie Eleison Effect)
Matyr/Ferus (10% HP, Agi+1/Vit+1)
Dark Lord (Meteor Storm Effect)
Freezer Card (Increases your Bash Damage by 10% if Refine rate is 9~10)

I'd recommend using the +9/10 Tidal Shoes(Just for Defense) with an Amon Ra card slotted in it, since the Kyrie Eleison effect will really help you. Doesnt matter if its PVP/WOE, its still my recommended card to get for an all rounder. Bad thing about this is, it cant be stacked with Assumptio.

2.7 - Accesories:
Vendor's Ring
Diablos Ring [1]
Cursed Hand [1]
Alternatives -
The Sign (5% ATK & MATK)

Cards -
Alligator Card (5% range damage redux)
Wikibine Tres (Strips Armor)
Horong Card(Sight)
Errende Ebecee Card(Auto cast Pneuma when you receive Physical Damage, good against Bow Guardians/Snipers)
Yoyo Card (Perfect dodge+5, Agi+1)

Diablos Rings and Cursed Hands are really useful in alot of situations. I don't mind losing 3 MDEF/1Str/1luk/1int for those 2 accessories since Critical Wounds and 5% more heal really helps.

2.8 - Consumables
Cursed Water
Box of Storms
Elemental Converters

Authoritative Badges
Scrolls (Spells/Buffs)
BLUE POTS/Box of Pantings

Thats basically it for Paladins. We're not an item dependent class so i'm not gonna emphasize on this part of the guide.

Section 3.0 - Skills
Swordsman - Get EVERY SKILL.

Paladin -
Basically all of them except for Providence.
Get lvl 1 Gospel (since you'll only need it to cancel out strip)
You can either max our Spear Mastery or Grand Cross (Your choice)

Thats about it really.
Now for the explanation on the Skills.
NO WAIT. Check for Skills.
I am not gonna elaborate on the Skills since it will be a waste of space.

3.1 - Paladins - How to use a Paladin
By the way. Heres a BM guide for you if you still don't get on how to use the Battle Mode.
Click here to know more about Battlemode setups.

Well, Shield Chain pretty much is gonna be your Main attack.
If not, Lightning Bolt (If you have an EX Pika with you)
If not, its Holy Cross.
If not, its Endowed Bash (Bash with your weapon Endowed)
If not, its Shield Boomerang (this works good with Thana against Hig-vit magic users with very little neutral redux)
If not, its Pressure. (I usually use this against Ninja's)
If not, its Sacrifice.
If not, its GRAND CROSS. (I personally use this move + strip armor to kill Priest)

Paladins only really have TWO forms of attack if they want to fight long range. These are Shield Chain and Lightning Bolts from ExPika (or any scroll magic if they choose to do so.) So obviously, fighting a Paladin long ranged to long ranged shouldn't be difficult. Shield Chain is ALWAYS neutral and magic is ALWAYS magic. GR and GTB take a Paladins long ranged abilities down to nothing.

When they move in closer they get a bigger skill pool, but it's mostly limited to Bash, Holy Cross and Sacrifice. Sacrifice is countered easily enough if you're on your toes, as in Holy Cross. And as it says above, Holy Cross is ALWAYS Holy and this CANNOT be changed (much like Shield Chain).

DO NOTE: Holy Cross has a TWO CELL range. Bash has a ONE CELL range. This applies to Pikes too, even for Bash.

A DECENT way to counter a close ranged Paladin is to use Deviling and Angeling. This will negate Holy Cross but Shield Chain will hurt a bit. This'll work best with a Cranial/ExDevis/ExBand on with the rest of your stuff. Paladins, to counter this, you can use cursed water to endow your weapon and go hit them with a few shadow endowed bashes. These'll hurt like hell.

If you find yourself fighting a Paladin like that, keep in mind that Bash has a ONE CELL RANGE. This means they have to be RIGHT NEXT TO YOU to use it. Keep a little distance and you'll be fine.

A BETTER way to counter a close ranged Paladin is to use Noxious or Raydric (I'd use Noxious) and switch armors between GR and Angeling as needed. If the Paladin starts to Bash with their Shadow endow, at least you won't have Deviling on to increase the damage you take and at least you can swap out to GR if needed.

If you're the Paladin in this situation - keep at it and don't rely on a single skill to win you the fight. Alternate between Holy Cross and Shield Chain so it's hard for them to be changing armors.

Section 4.0 - Strategies - Against Other Classes

Assasin Cross -

Soul Breaker (SBK) Sinxes - are a pain in the arse. Use Assumptio (recommended for fast killing) and try to deal as many DPS as possible and tank their SBK damage. With just a heavy shield, they would be doing around 9k dmg per SBK on you with the right stats so its easy to tank if you have 3 bacsos.

Critical/Melee Sinxes - Well, dish out your shield chain/lightning bolt/holy cross and heal when needed. Reflect shield will prove its effectiveness in these kind of situations. For those who uses a strong shield with a GTB on and not RSX, but a GR, goes vit whoring and then zerks infront of you, you're basically f*cked if they have their sight on before they zerk. In that case, you might wanna be gay and go full PD+Tanking build. Win.

Sonic Blow Sinxes - You shouldn't have problems with these people UNLESS if they try and go melee strip with a Drill Katar, then it will be a problem. Try to aboid direct melee contact if possible and it will be alright.

Wizards - Use Maya/GTB/Element Armors. You can probably tank them but its really a pain in the arse to kill them since Retribution wings existed.

Whitesmiths - Try to kill them before they kill you. Oh wait! With retribution wings, assumptio scrolls and 17~18k heals, you can tank their Cart Termination. =D How great.

LKs - Outheal them - Dont get stucked in a corner, if you do, dish out that EX Black Dark Helm and Wall of Fog yourself in a corner, thats when things will work out for you by buying you time to heal. When theyre trying to CA you, thats when you deal out most of ur shield chain/holy cross damage to them. NOTE : dont get stucked in a corner with an LK. Coz they will butt rape you hard, real hard like Crim did to me. And this is how I lost my virginity to a guy. =( Nevermind, LKs aren't really a problem now with Retribution wings.

Gunslingers - They'll try to disarm you, Rapid shower/Full Buster you once they see you got gospel on and off to remove the strip weapon. Goes up to you and desperado you.
Shrink will probably knock them back and youll probably try and heal yourself/deal alot of damage to them but when their HP goes down to 50%, smart people will switch to RSX so becareful. Try to outrun them and deal small damages on the way. Maybe use an Earth Spike/Lightning Bolt scroll since they're pretty weak against magic attacks.
For offensive paladins, you can outdamage them if you're fast on your fingers since your Holy cross would be raping them if they are using an RSX/GR.

Stalker - FUCK YOU STALKERS! They strip, backslide and bolt you to death. GET FCP. If not, my suggestion is to try and reduce their HP as much as possible before they strip you. Or just try to Magnum Break em so they cant get near you.
Try to run away form them and use fire wall scrolls to unhide them and deal as much DPS as possible. If they do manage to strip you. (it usually takes then a few tries, since you have sucha low dex), they'll backslide and bolt you. Use Gospel 2 times (Turn it on and off), hotkey a reflect shield of any kind, press it and heal yourself like you've never healed before. That's probably the only thing you can do. so /gg.

Creators - Use your full neutral reduction set if possible. If they switch to magic, change to Maya. If they try to coma you, keep a distance between you and him and hope you can get them before they get you with coma. If they do try and strip you, we'll good luck since you need to be fast with "Gospel>Gospel>Switch Armor>Rebuff" method.

Champs - They would try and Palm Push Strike you to death (thats their only way to really kill you other then asura spamming), so try and tank their damage and reflect will do their job. Other then that, you can pretty much kill a champ now since Blackout raped them off their spam.

Clown/Gypsy - Kill them before they coma you with tarot/break your shield. Get a GTB, if possible, in a Sacred Mission [1]. You will need it. High flee clown/gypsy are hard to kill once they tarot you decrease you HIT Rate. Switch to EX Pika and hope they don't use a Maya shield.

Snipers - Remove Shrink. Shield Chain/Boomerang/Lightning Bolt or any other Magic scrolls. Use an Errende Ebecee/Assasin Cross Card to get near them if they switch to GTB and Holy Cross/Bolt them to death. Trapping Snipers are kind of a troublesome. Avoid their traps and chase them. If you don't want to, then don't. Just becareful of some snipers that uses an LOD card in their bow. Coma is nasty.

Professors - Profs are a hard class to deal with. Try your best to get them off their wall of fog. If not, melee them and try to strip their armor if they switch to GTB. Use an Earth Resist Potion since they would be spamming Heaven's Drive. Switch from GTB to Reflect Shield depending on the skills that they are using. Tank their magic damage if they start spamming. Profs that changes your element property will be a pain in the arse though. Have a quick change in your armor or gospel to get rid of the element change.

Priest - SC/Lightning Bolt/Holy Cross. Strip their armor and surprise them with Grand Cross. Make sure you have your Holy (Angeling) Armor on and time and position your Grand Cross perfectly then start spamming it like there's no tommorrow.

Ninjas - Spam pressure/Lightning Bolt. Catch them off-guard and you can spam SC. If they spam their magic on you, tank it. Use items with MDEF, it will help. Oh yea, a HW card would help alot though.

Star Gladiator - Cloak and deal as much damage as possible to them if they come close to you with sight. Putting Hatred on a Pally would be a bad idea since Reflect will take a toll on the star gladiator itself. Remember to put on Defender at all times.

Soul linker - You can pretty much kill them with ease.

Section 4.2 -
Now for Lumi's part on dueling your own nightmare - Another Paladin.

There are two very important things to consider during a Paladin duel:

1. Your ability to use battlemode and know your set-up well.
2. Being well geared and well prepared to counter anything that might be thrown your way

With that said, let's start covering the bases.

You won't be able to win a fight by going all defense. You can't just hope for the enemy to lose hope or run low on resources like you can in some other fights. A Paladin will last forever like this, and the offensive one will always be able to find a way to win.

As far as weapons, you'll almost always want to be using a pike while fighting another Paladin. The range will be nice for when you need to get in close to do damage, and fighting against Shrink won't be fun.

Gear Setups
Headgears: Try to go with reductions as much as possible. ExBand, Ex3D, EX Retribution is a good setup. Don't forget the Pikas if you won't use scrolls for magic. Bacsos, Pharoahs and ArchAngelings are your cards of choice here, just pick your poison. Quick heals, guaranteed SP, regeneration.

Armors: Ghostring and Angeling. Maybe Orc Lord at times, but even then, not really important. See that Tao? Might be useful to start off with, but it'll quickly lose it's charm. I'll take the defense/reductions.

Weapons: Pikes. I suggest cards like Stormy Knight, Valk Rand, Incant, Turtle General, and MAYBE metaling. Storm Gust will keep the enemy off of you if they try to Melee you, Valk Rand will dispell them, Incant will pierce their defense, Turtle General will increase your damage and cast magnum break, and metaling will strip their weapon (which may be casting all the pre-mentioned on you as well)

Shields: Thara Frog, Maya and GTB. As to what they're carded in: It won't make a huge difference in this fight. Don't worry about it too much.

Garments: SinX, Noxious, Deviling. SinX is good for getting out of harms way if you're slow at rebuffing yourself, but Noxious and Deviling will usually prove to be a lot more useful. Noxious will help you overall against Shield Chain and maybe even Sacrifice. Deviling should only be worn with Angeling on too. This leaves Holy Cross useless, and hurts Shield Chain damage. If the enemy does get a shadow endowed weapon out, they'll have to use BASH, which is only a one cell ranged attack, and thus not very useful against a fellow Paladin.

Shoes: Amon Ra or Dark Lord. Firelock? Nah. Take the KE casting or the Meteor Storms. Both useful against people trying to melee you, which is usually a hint that they're going to coma or dispell. These cards will annoy them both ways.

Accessories: Alligators, nothing else. Don't waste your precious reduction here on one of those stupid strip armor cards. The enemies weapon is far more important.

So, with that said, let's get down to what could happen.

The enemy... spamming Shield Chain.Simple enough with any setup. Overall, Defender will reduce the damage a lot and your Alligators/Noxious/Deviling/GR will only reduce it more. Keep Thara Frog on during these times if you can. Just watch out for Dispell. GR/Noxious will do great against an enemy that just trys to do this all of the time, but Deviling/Angeling isn't at all bad either. If you get dispelled, they should go for this. Get Defender up first if you're slow. spamming Holy Cross.Either tank it and do the same back or start using Deviling/Angeling to completely negate this. DPS of Holy Cross against another Paladin isn't great, but isn't bad either, and is easily tanked. Just don't get caught with low SP/HP or it'll kill you. trying to Coma you.The resort of those who can't do anything else against you, and a crutch for those who don't know this fight will enough to win it otherwise. First, consider this: They HAVE to Melee you in order for Coma to go off and they HAVE to switch to a TWO HANDED AXE or a ONE HANDED SWORD in order to use the good coma weapons. You can throw on GTB to block it entirely, but that hinders your healing ability. Here's what I'll normally do: Dark Lord boots and Holy Cross, along with GTB. They'll try to Coma you, but you'll sit there and be dealing damage WHILE causing a massive meteor storm. If they put on GTB to deal with the magic, then THEY can't heal and you can get happy with the increased damage. Other options are: Stripping their weapon, knocking them back and depending on KE to protect you as much as possible. They'll give it up if they can't get you with it. You'll be doing much better damage anyways. trying to Dispell you.Two options. Put on GTB, block it, and take the negatives effects of increased damage and inability to heal OR play it JUST like you would with Coma (minus using KE as a barrier). If they dispell you, rebuff quickly before shield chain damage overwhelms you (which won't be an issue if you're using GR, but still, get buffed fast). This is where BM comes in handy. A few buttons and you're good to go. spamming pressure on you.Well, for starters, they're beautiful mans and they clearly don't know how to play this class. Throw on some ArchAngelings and/or Pharoahs/spam BOPs and let them do s***ty damage, a piss poor effect on you. Go dispell them or something while they're doing this. using Sacrifice on you.Remember those neutral reductions? ExBand/ExDevi/Thara/Deviling/Noxious/GR? Just throw some stuff on and make sure you don't die. Spam heal, k. Who the hell tries to use Sacrifice on ANOTHER PALADIN? using magic on you.Maya, heal the damage. They'll eventually stop to heal themselves too, but be careful, don't be caught off guard and die to this. trying to strip you.This is USUALLY done by Melee, although reflected damage will do it too. Gospel, rebuff, re-equip. Simple as that. Go with some of the Coma methods as well to annoy them. Meteor Storm and such.

...whoring items like a ######.
Guess you're winning, or they suck, or both. Probably both. Who the hell needs items in a class vs class duel? The one that won't win without them, that's who.

Guess it's your turn...You can start off with the usual Shield Chaining and Holy Crossing. Some people will fall to it, most won't. Let's move on to the better stuff.

Magics. Break out the Pika and start bolting the hell out of them. If they're stupid (like so many are) they'll die trying to tank it without reflecting. Just remember to be on a Peco if you're going to do this. You really can't spam while off one. If they are smart enough to get past this, it's time to move on.

Dispell. Try to get some dispells in whenever you can, but watch out for the counter measures. If you DO get a dispell in, shield chain them hard and fast before they can get their buffs back up. If they use GTB, then you can go in for more magic spam or holy crossing. They'll have to take off GTB eventually for magic, or die, and they'll take more damage from Holy Cross w/o Thara on. If they're using Angeling, try Shield Chain, and if all else fails, shadow bashes. Still having trouble?

Strip their weapon. Ruin their damage and their weapon cards, just remember to do some damage if you get this one off because it won't last long against somebody good. This is why I never use it.

Still haven't won? The playing field must be pretty equal then. Keep switching it up. If Dispell-> Shield Chain didn't work once, it might later. Don't forget to keep changing it up and catch your enemy off guard. Eventually, it will come down to whoever can keep enough SP to get any work done.

If your SP situation becomes grim: Try to keep one Bacso on, and get the ArchAngels/Pharaohs on. Throw on the Dark Lord boots and go for full tank mode. You'll only use SP if you need to heal

And I'll repeat: When on offense as a Paladin, switching it up IS KEY.And of course this is all just from my experience, and it's all I really do, so capitalize on something I don't do if you ever get into a duel with me. I'm ready to find the one that kills me so I have something to work towards in my Paladin duels. =/

Section 4.2 - PvP (In General)
Lumi's PoV

This is from the point of view of THE OTHER PERSON, NOT THE PALADIN.

Overall: Be relentless and unforgiving. DON'T RUN. I can't stress this enough. When you RUN AWAY, we HEAL and act like nothing ever happened to us.


SinX (Sonic Blow): Be relentless. Keep the damage up and stay cloaked so they can't get any serious damage on you. If they try to walk around and evade you to heal, they're probably low on HP. Don't let them, get in there and finish the job. Don't forget to stay cloaked. Your lack of shield makes you take heavy damage.

SinX (SBK): I always feared higher damage than I did good reductions. If I'm only doing small damage on you (because of your reductions) but you're only doing small damage on me (because of YOUR reductions) then I'll have an easier time because I can out heal them. If I'm getting hit with 20k SBKs on a decent amount of redux, I'll die before I kill you.

SinX (Melee): RSX. You'll probably be killed anyways. But at least if we aren't knocking you around with shrink you'll have a better chance of winning.

Stalkers: Never, ever, ever, EVER spam magic like crazy after you get a strip. NO Paladin self buffs help against Stalkers, so they don't even NEED them going into this fight. They could re-equip a shield without even using gospel and reflect the damage instantly. It doesn't help that we can heal too while you barely can without tatami or copying level 10 heal. Just don't jump the gun and you should be fine.

Gunslinger: Desperado, stay cloaked when not in range, don't get sacced. Disarm helps but gospel is always in the way. BUT, if we gospel and you desperado us fast enough, we won't have shrink you send you flying away. Always endow your ammo, angeling and GR are the first two I try against you.

Ninja: Rely on your ability to evade and negate damage the most. Be used to jumping and using tatami AND circida to heal. Magic is the only real way to get anywhere as long as we keep defender up (assuming the Paladin you're fighting isn't abusing vit).

Star Gladiator: I don't know. Hatred sucks if it's on us, I guess.

Soul Linker: No idea. Never got killed by one. Try Coma? Break Fall + Heal helps. You have good evasion skills, so use them.

Lord Knight: If we're in a corner taking BB damage, we almost NEVER can outheal it without finding your element, or if you're stupid, we'll just take off Tao and let our defense do the work. I'd go into the fight with an incant or thana weapon. If you get us against a wall then BE RELENTLESS and DO IT. You have a ton of HP and we probably won't win damage to damage. We'll try to keep our distance with shield chain. Have GR ready, if not always on, and cloak so you aren't wasting HP on shield chain damage.

Paladins: Watch my duels and see for yourself.

High Wizard: AoE spam is annoying, to say the least. If you see that we put on GTB spam some bolts, but be careful, don't get trapped with maya. The main problem for us is getting close, and if shield chain is doing bad damage, it won't be a fun fight for us. Try not to use JT. It's like a free ticket for us to heal.

Prof: Take our SP. Keep our SP. Wall of Fog, Safety Wall, Heavens Drive. Play defensive, you CAN'T lose unless the Paladin is completely overwhelming.

Snipers: Always try to DS with Thana first. If it works then go for it. Otherwise, melee damage with SK/VR is always my biggest annoyance. Getting knocked around and dispelled is not my idea of fun. If the Paladin is being a cloak ###### then you do the same. Defender should slow them down, Wind Walk should be speeding you up. Try not to get raeped. GR should be on at almost all times. If they're close, you're using charge arrow to get them away.

Clowns: Tarot. Or AV w/ Thana on vit nubs, but, yeah. Tarot.

High Priest: Tank em and wear them down. Go for Coma or Pika's or somethnig. My biggest problem is usually not being able to do enough damage to kill them.

Champs: Ask Ivan, but you'll usually be killed anyways, unless you're REALLY good at keeping the pressure on. It's especially bad with the raped spam now.

Whitesmith: Oh please @_@. Stay cloaked, strike when given the chance, never use neutral as an element. Cart Term can't be reflected and has a higher DPS than a Paladin in general.

Creators: If we're spending all of our time tanking you, then we'll barely have any time to attack for ourselves. If you go in for Coma, use a strong shield so we CAN'T knock you back. Switch between GR/Angeling as needed up close. If you're lucky, the Paladin won't have everything they need to tank you forever. Don't go in for coma too early though, Paladins have a nasty way to bite back.


Section 5.0 - WOE Paladins

Paladins are more of the support type for WOE then they are on the offense (PVP)
If you wanna be a hero and kill other people in WOE on the attack with a Paladin, and not supporting your guildies, i suggest you switch to an LK/SinX/Creator.

4.4 - Paladins on the Defense
Basically DEVOTED as many people as you can that is standing around the Warp/Spawn Point. Most likely Gunslinger/MA SinXes. Help the priests by healing all those injured members after an attack, to get the guild back in tip-top shape A.S.A.P. Thats basically it. You can try and dish out a lil bit of Shield chains here and there but thats about it. Your JOB is to pretty much take damage/protect most of your guildmates when enemy guilds infiltrates your castle.

4.5 - Paladins on the Offense/Attack
You cant be a hero here. You'll just have to let other people (mostly Sinxes) to be the hero here. When you enter the EMP Room, tank as many damage as possible. If you see a Sinx(Prioritize the EMP Breaker or those people who are dealing alot of DPS to the enemy guild) or any one of your guildies that can dish out alot of damages against the enemies, devote them and try to take their damages as much as possible. Heal spam is crucial at this point. Remember, youre suppose to be a life saver when your guild is on the attack, not sacrificing other members, rush for the emp, hit it for a couple of seconds and practically get raped.

NOTE : This guide isnt the best but this is what i can give you for now. Theres still more stuffs that i practically dont know about Paladins, so.. Positive criticism please.
And i will accept opinions and comments for my guide if theres a mistake in my guide. Thank you. Hope This Helps Everyone and The Guild itself )
I been here 2000 test sever 2003 real server been into elite Guild arch heaven,Descent,academy,fallen,resonance,legion of doom,asian mafia,thugs,
& 2011 move to fallen 5 months then move to loading & new guild name fury but i have my owned guild name black knight legion Guild im the 3rd Founder Name Lindow <3 :D
Thats me sayunaras minass!
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