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posted Sep 21, 2011 18:46:47 by Ivenosky
Just jump to ur female character and start flirting with horny boys.
Get married -> ask items -> divorce -> profit.
Repeat the cycle for infinity zeny.
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"my pride shattered along with my shame"
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Ganzo!!! said Sep 21, 2011 23:54:32
lol! troller
some one sai Troller is a Work of art =o indeed?
I been here 2000 test sever 2003 real server been into elite Guild arch heaven,Descent,academy,fallen,resonance,legion of doom,asian mafia,thugs,
& 2011 move to fallen 5 months then move to loading & new guild name fury but i have my owned guild name black knight legion Guild im the 3rd Founder Name Lindow <3 :D
Thats me sayunaras minass!
Ivenosky said Sep 22, 2011 04:15:48
totally agree...
"my pride shattered along with my shame"
Ivenosky said Sep 23, 2011 05:55:35
fine, its time getting serious. heres the step to be rich.

the fast ways :
1.make new account
2.put all 21 slots with 3rd job ( ranger,warlock or sura )
( prefer ranger coz it can stunlock and have aoe [SS] )
3.go solo on e-tower and loot all this items :

Valkyrian Armor Item ID# 2357
Valkyrian Manteau Item ID# 2524
Valkyrja's Shield Item ID# 2115

if ur lucky u can get cards like

Tao Gunka Item ID# 4302
bacsojin Item ID# 4372
Randgris Item ID# 4407
Golden bug Item ID# 4128
Ghostring Item ID# 4047

in 1 trip u can get like 200m - 1.5b depends on ur luck.

for the slow ways :
1. gokurin : go mjolnir_03 and @ali gold, aloevera, and elus. each trip can cash about 12-14m with overcharge skill
and u can sell aloe for 5k each, elus for 25k or use it for refine.
2. gold : on pay_dun04, gld_dun01, lou_fild01. u can sell it for 100k each. and the drops change about 50% so meh.
3. refining : try refining +9 wool scarf and tidal shoes. the price around 100-150 each or valkyrian sets
4. abracadabra or mvp hunting. ( take hours, not recommended except u got lots of patience,besides that u can found the mvps on e-tower)
5. making quest item : robo eyes, chick hat, puppy hat, and some NX items have a good price.
6. buy,selling and trade technique ( how2scam ) : buy xband for 900m and sell for 1.2b, nuff said.
or try items with fluctuating price, example : once i trade my +9vshield for xincu (fyi its only worth 1b max)
6. well, there is another way like Leprechaun Invasion, getting gold coins and farming supplies for guild, making converter. but then im lazy so the guide ends here. aaw yee.

"my pride shattered along with my shame"
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