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Guide for Ratemyserver, Sign Quest , KVM & teirra Guid

posted Sep 21, 2011 18:22:24 by Ganzo!!! use !rms
in the game
@commands for command
@ali items Code ?.?.? names
@autoloot 20 for the cards
KVM Price God like items
Gather 50 for garment, Shoes, sheild
Gather 80 for armor
Gather 100+ for weapons
Gather 500+ for Accesory :D
[Last edited Sep 21, 2011 18:41:34]
I been here 2000 test sever 2003 real server been into elite Guild arch heaven,Descent,academy,fallen,resonance,legion of doom,asian mafia,thugs,
& 2011 move to fallen 5 months then move to loading & new guild name fury but i have my owned guild name black knight legion Guild im the 3rd Founder Name Lindow <3 :D
Thats me sayunaras minass!
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